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Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

The Pallas Cat

File:Sonya pallas cat.jpg The Pallas Cat (Otocolobus manul, or Felis manul) or Manul is a small wild cat of Central Asia. The length is 60 cm, plus 25 cm tail. The colour of the fur is ochre; there are vertical bars, which may be invisible due to the thick fur.

This cat has an appearance unique among felines. Its legs are short, the rump is rather bulky, and the fur is long and thick. The fur changes between the seasons: the winter coat is greyer and less patterned. Its ears are set low and give the cat a somewhat owl-like appearance. Because of its relatively flat face, it was once thought that it was the ancestor of the Persian cat breed.

The Pallas Cat inhabits the Asian steppes up to heights of 4000 m. It hunts at night for rodents, pikas and birds.

For a long time the Manul was hunted for its fur, but it is now protected in most areas, for instance in China. Since this cat feeds on agricultural pests, it is regarded as beneficial. However, the custom of poisoning rodents and pikas may also affect the cat.

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Animal in Armenia

Մանուլ ("Manul")


Very rare species. Included in the Red Book of the former USSR.

Habitat in Armenia

Natural habitat includes the area around Arax, south east from Yerevan (Meghri, Arazdayan).

Number in the wild

No data

Reasons for decrease in number

Economic activities in the areas.

Number in captivity

No data

Measures of protection taken

Hunting is forbidden since 1960.

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