One Man’s Views and New Year’s Wishes for 2006

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One Man’s Views and …

New Year’s Wishes for 2006

By Harut Sassounian

Publisher, The California Courier

Dec. 25,2005

Armenia: Peace, prosperity and repatriation

Armenian bureaucracy: Giving is as bad as taking … bribes

Armenian Church: Two heads, one body

Armenian Genocide: Recognition and more…

Armenian military: Best defense is a good offense

Armenian political parties: More quality, less quantity

Australia: Racial harmony

Azerbaijan: More accommodation, less saber rattling

Bird Flu: For the birds

Brazil: World Cup soccer championship

Cher: Back to your roots, babe!

Cyprus: Two nations under one flag

Diaspora: One nation under many flags

European Union: Less bark, more bite … on Turkey

Football: Armenian player in Super Bowl XL

Germany: Bolder condemnation of Armenian Genocide

Great Britain: No more servitude to a former colony

Iran: No nukes in Iran and the Middle East

Iraq: No to war, no to imposed "democracy"

Israel: Keep the Holy Land … holy

Karabagh and Armenia: Two states, one nation

Kurdistan: Self-determination or else…

Lake Sevan: More water and more "ishkhanatsoug"

Melkonian School in Cyprus: Holding school in court!

Nakhichevan Tombstones: Eternal peace in one piece…

New Orleans: The Phoenix will rise again

Novelist Orhan Pamuk: Freedom to think, freedom to speak

Palestinians: Can two people live in peace on one land?

PKK leader Ocalan: Fair trial in Turkey? No such thing!

Pope Benedict XVI: Emulate Benedict XV’s love for Armenians

Pres. Kocharian: Catch the "mougs" [mice] & mind the store

Russia: Oligarchs of the world unite!

Speaker Dennis Hastert: Can you say Genocide Resolution?

TIME magazine: No more Turkish DVD’s, knowingly or not!

Turkey: Swift progress from 14th to 15th Century

Turkish Denialists: The world is flat!

Turkish Lawsuit on Genocide in Boston: Case dismissed!

Turkish Penal Code: Will put all Turks in jail

Truth: Last victim of genocide

United States: Out of Iraq and take care of the Homeland!

US-Mexico Border: No more Berlin walls

Western Armenia: Liberation

White House: Minus Neocons

Winter Olympics: Multiple medals for Armenian athletes

World: Peace on Earth

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