Nebahat Albayrak

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Nebahat Albayrak is a Dutch politician of Turkish origin.

In 2006 parliamentary elections the two largest Dutch political parties removed the names of three ethnic Turkish parliamentary candidates from a candidate list after they refused to acknowledge that the killings of Armenians during World War I amounted to genocide, despite the fact that whether or not the issue could correctly be termed "genocide" remains a matter of academic and political debate.

Public, government figures and diplomats inTurkey had expressed disappointment and anger over the bumped off candidates of Turkish origin.

On the contrary Nebahat Albayrak of the Labor Party, said in an interview she "accepted that a genocide took place," reported CNN-Turk's Web site.

"But I'm also of the opinion that the way this took place should also be researched," she was quoted as saying by the channel.


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