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Short for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO is a military alliance loosely representing "the west", which has aided Turkey a great deal military and which was poised to strike Soviet Armenia during the Cold War. Now Armenia is independent and a member of Partnership for Peace (PfP), along with Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Parternship for Peace

Military excersizes under the PfP program have taken place in Armenia. Azerbaijan did not send participants, but Turkey did. In excersizes held in Azerbaijan, the first time they were scheduled the Armenians were not issued visas to enter, despite promises by Azerbaijan to NATO. The second time they were scheduled and again Azerbaijan would not allow Armenians to participate, the entire excersize was cancelled.

Gurgen Markarian

Gurgen Markarian, and Armenian officer being trained in Budapest with officers from othe PfP countries, was hacked to death by an Azerbaijani officer.