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Musée Armenien de France

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Musée Armenien de France Museum In Paris

It was in the year 1949 that Nourhan Fringhian, after being forced into exile in to France, decided to create the Armenian Museum of France along with the help of some of his friends who donated lots of different objects to the ever growing collection.

The collection contains a good sample range of culture and traditions of Armenia and today is the only collection in the world that is devoted entirely to Armenia, its culture, traditions and its history.

The collection was originally housed in rooms and annexes of the Armenian Cathedral and then resided on the ground floor of the museum d'Ennery, but over the years has moved sites several times.

Nourhan Fringhian managed to accumulate around 1,000 different items from ceramics to books and amulets through to the famous Aïvazovski tables and traces around 3,000 years of Armenian history, also bringing together sacred art, paintings, costumes, metal works and sculptures to display within this unusual and unique museum.

Located in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris in a primarily residential district, the Musee Armenien has some very rare pieces within its collection. And the son of Nourhan, Frederick Fringhian, who is now the president of the museum and foundation loans out some of these to other museums in Paris, such as The Louvre museum.

There is a bookshop and guided tours come in with the price of the admission and you can also arrange for specific guided tours. Photography is allowed inside and the nearest Metro stop to this museum is the Porte Dauphine.

The Musee Armenien is only open on a Thursday and a Sunday from 2pm through to 6pm. It is closed all other days of the week and is also closed during the month of August.

Address & Contact Details:

Musée Armenien de France
Nourhan Fringhian Foundation
59 Avenue Foch

Tel 45 56 15 88

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