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American Consuls Will Also Do What They Can to Aid Armenians

October 6, 1915

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 ---Many Armenians in this country have communicated to the American Red Cross, and to the State Department, regarding channels of relief for their people at home. Ernest P. Bicknell, National Director of the Red Cross wrote today to an inquiring Armenian in Boston:

"We are advised by the State Department that the most effective methods of getting relief to the Armenians at present is through the American Ambassador at Constantinople, Mr. Morgentau. An American committee of prominent men has been formed in New York to collect contributions for help of the Armenians, with Charles R. Crane, New York, as its Treasurer. As rapidly as contributions are received by that committee they will be forwarded to Ambassador Morgenthau and distributed according to his judgment.

"It is believed that through the American Consul in Armenia and some American missionaries who still remain in that country it will be possible to do something for the relief of the Armenians, although all recognize that the most that can be done will be only a trifle compared with the needs."

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922