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Will Ask Americans for Funds to Aid Armenian Victims of Turks

SEPTEMBER 25, 1915

WASHINGTON, Sept. 24.--An appeal to the American people for contributions to relieve Armenians in Turkey who have been banished to isolated towns for alleged hostility to the Turkish Government soon will be issued from New York by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. The appeal will be based upon a resort from Ambassador Morgenthau to the board.

Representatives of the board have conferred with State Department officials regarding the plan for assassinating the Armenians. The American Government, however, will take no part officially in the plan, the indicated that it will not permit interference with its policy from any foreign power.

The American Government's protest, through Ambassador Morgentau, to Turkey against alleged ill-treatment of Armenians brought about minor concessions, but this Government has taken no further action. Turkish officials asserted that the steps against Armenians were necessary as a war measure to prevent rebellion and plotting against the Government. State Department officials say no further action is completed now in regard to the Turkish reply to the American protest. The reply has not yet been made public.

Ambassador Morgentau was instructed today to investigate rumors that American missionaries had been killed in recent Turkish military operations against the Armenians.

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