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Mihran Avedissian

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Mihran_Avedissian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Mihran Avedissian Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Addis Ababa
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Lived in Addis Ababa, Melbourne, Perth
Resides in Perth
Death place Townsville
Death date 1996/06/12
Death year 1996
Resting place Armenian Cemetery of Melbourne
Profession Soldier
Military rank Corporal
Languages Armenian, English
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian

Born in Ethiopia, moved to Australia as a child with his family. Son of Varouje and Louise Avedissian. Joined the Australian military, became a member of the SAS and on his very last excercise in a decade-long military career, died in the Black Hawk Tragedy. Buried in Melbourne in the Armenian Cemetery in a full military honors funeral, with the Australian and Armenian flags on his casket.

Armenian National Committee of Australia


21 June 1996


MELBOURNE - A military funeral for Corporal Avedissian, who died in a Black Hawk helicopter accident last week, was held yesterday at the St Mary's Armenian Apostolic Church, Surry Hills.

Corporal Mihran Avedissian 29, was one of 18 Special Air Service (S.A.S) soldiers killed last week in a training exercise in North Queensland. He came to Australia 25 years ago from Ethiopia with his parents and family.

Corporal Avedissian joined the Australian army in 1984. His first posting was as a signaller, and he later served on a United Nations operation in the Western Sahara for nine months in 1991-92.

His mother Louise Avedissian said "He loved the challenges of life in the army and was dedicated to serving his country. That's why he went into the S.A.S."

The Funeral Service was held by Armenian Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand and the Far East - Aghan Baliozian. Members of the Royal Australian Army, S.A.S., as well as the Armenian community were present to mourn the tragic loss of Corporal Avedissian.

Seventeen soldiers of the Australian Army's elite Special Air Service (SAS) died last night after two Black Hawk helicopters collided in flight.

The accident is believed to be the worst in Australian peace-time history since 82 men died in the collision of HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne in February 1964.

The accident happened at 6:53 pm as the helicopters took part in training exercises 70km west of Townsville, North-East Australia.

Sixty officers from the Perth-based SAS in six Black Hawks were involved in the exercise conducted at the High Range training zone area at Harvey's Range.

Among the dead was an Armenian SAS Officer, Mihran Avedissian, aged 30. He was born in Ethiopia and his family migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1970.