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Armenian Community

Don Pedro (Petros) is the first known Armenian in Mexico. He came via China as part of the Jugha Armenian merchants network in the 1700s. He was put on trial as part of the inquisition, for not being Catholic.

Relations with Armenia

New Europe, EU Nov 3 2012

Foreign Minister visits Mexico

November 3, 2012 - 10:39am

During an official visit to Mexico, Armenia's Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian met with Francisco Arroyo Vieyra, First Vice President of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. At the meeting, Vieyra said the parliament of Mexico intends to contribute in the development of Armenian-Mexican ties, Armenia's Foreign Ministry said.

For his part, Nalbandian said he was pleased with official Mexico City's assurance to support the OSCE Minsk Group's proposals for, and the efforts being exerted toward, in resolving the Karabakh conflict. He expressed hope that Mexico's new parliament will take practical steps to develop ties with Armenia. He mentioned the forging of a friendship group in Armenia's National Assembly (NA), with the Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies. In turn, the Chamber of Deputies will undertake the formation of a friendship group with NA, added Vieyra. The Armenian minister also had a separate meeting with representatives from the local Armenian community in Mexico.

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Azerbaijan Condemns Mexican Lawmakers’ Trip To Karabakh

Oct 31, 2017

Azerbaijan has sent a note of protest to Mexico after three Mexican parliamentarians visited Nagorno-Karabakh and met with its leaders last week.

They opposition deputies are members of a group in the Mexican lower house of parliament promoting closer ties with Armenia. Two of them, Blanca Cuata and Carlos Hernandez, are affiliated with the leftist MORENA movement, while the other, Maria Garcia, represents the social-democratic PRD party.

The Mexican deputies met with Bako Sahakian, the Karabakh president, and lawmakers in Stepanakert on October 24. They reportedly voiced support for the Armenian-populated territory’s quest for international recognition.

“Allow us to become a part of Artsakh’s (Karabakh’s) history,” the Armenpress news agency quoted Hernandez as saying.

“We know what it means to fight for freedom,” Cuata said, for her part.

President Serzh Sarkisian praised the lawmakers’ trip to Karabakh when he met them in Yerevan on October 27.

Predictably, the trip angered the Azerbaijani government. The APA news agency reported on Tuesday that Azerbaijan’s charge d’affaires in Mexico, Mammad Talibov, has handed a note of protest to the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Talibov also met with the Mexican parliament speaker, Jorge Ramirez, to condemn the “illegal visit to occupied territories of Azerbaijan” as an Armenian “provocation.” According to APA, Ramirez assured him that the three parliamentarians travelled to Karabakh in their personal capacity and that he regrets their actions.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has blacklisted more than 600 non-Armenian foreign parliamentarians and other dignitaries for visiting Karabakh without Baku’s permission. The blacklist includes three members of the U.S. House of Representatives who travelled to Karabakh in September.

Later in September, the Azerbaijani government also issued an international arrest warrant for four prominent Turkish intellectuals who also toured the disputed region and met with Karabakh Armenian leaders.

Genocide Recognition

Genocide Centennial

A Mexican redditor married to a Mexican-Armenian shared the following information about Turkish efforts to censor Armenian Genocide events marking the centennial in Mexico.

This year, the small armenian community in Mexico has organized a few events to commemorate the centennial of the Genocide.
The main event is an 4 month long exhibition called Armenia, An Open Wound, hosted by the Museum for Memory and Tolerance, the day before the opening the people in charge of the exhibition in the museum decided to pull the subtitle from all the advertisement for the exhibition, the press invitation for the event looked like this:
You can see the new poster in the museum's FB page (they haven't updated the website with the info of the Armenian exhibition):
as you can see in that last link, the subtitle with the word Genocide has disappeared, they put stickers over all the posters and advertisement, and even on the exhibition's catalogue.
Another event that as to take place was a small film cycle in the Museo Nacional de las Culturas, that recently received a Khachkar for its collection; they announced the cycle in their webpage and then pulled it and closed all the activities of the museum...
We are very sad and angry this is happening, but we are also very hopeful and happy that other institutions have decided to stand their ground and be supportive of the Armenian Genocide commemoration, such as the Casa Refugio Citlaltepetl, a house for literary refugees from all over the world, they are going to be the hosts of the international reading event organized by the International Literature Festival Berlin and the Lepsius Haus in Potsdam, here is the program for that night:

Armenian Churches

Armenian places

Cabo San Lucas

[Takes place in Cabo San Lucas] So, last Saturday as we are walking into the scuba shop our new friend asks humorously, “Hey, isn’t that Glendale’s flag?”. I look over and see a little table top Armenian flag sitting next to the Mexican flag. You know what they say… when two Armenians meet…so, I ask and it turns out that Mike runs the Scuba Shop and is Mexican Armenian. He was born in Mexico City and has been living in Cabo for more than 10 years. Mike clearly enjoyed the opportunity to speak in Armenian to someone. His grandfather taught him the language as a child and dreams of one day visiting Armenia and learning to speak fluently. He is the only Armenian living in Cabo, however knows of many living in rural areas throughout Mexico. It felt so endearing to hear him express the innocence in the spirit of his heritage. If you find yourself in Cabo visit the scuba shop in the lighthouse and say "Parev" to'll make his day:)

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to take a picture but it was pretty cool to meet this guy in a place I wouldn’t have expected to run into local Armenians (but, I still think Scuba Diving was a tad bit cooler!).

Source: Life in the Armenian Diaspora


There is an Ararat restaurant in Ensenada.