Massacres of Erzerum

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The Massacres of Erzeroum were killings of Christian people in the city, like the Armenians and Assyrians. Turkish soldiers took an active part in the massacres in Erzeroum.

Over 60,000 Armenians have been butchered. In Trebizond, Ezeroum, Erzinghian, Hassankaleh and numberless other places the Christians were crushed like grapes during the vintage.

Following the massacres of Erzeroum of October 30, 1895 , a British consul put the hand on two letters sent to his brother and to his parents by a Turkish soldier:

"My brother, if you want news from here, we killed 1 200 Armenians, all tiny rooms in pâtée for dog [...] Mother, I am healthy and except. Father, twenty days ago, we carried out the war against the Armenian incrédules. By the grace of God, no misfortune arrived to us. The rumour says that our battalion will be dispatched in your part of the world - if it is the case, we will kill all the Armenians there. Other share, 511 Armenians were wounded, and it perishes about it one or two each day. If you want news of the soldiers and bachi bouzouks, not only one did not bleed of the nose [...] That God blesses you."

Los Angeles Times

Jul 26, 1890 TURKISH ATROCITIES. DETAILS OF THE MASSACRE AT ERZEROUM. Hundreds of Armenians Bayoneted by the Savage Soldiery--The British Consulate Stoned By a Furious Mob.

By Telegraph to The Times. LONDON, July 25.--[By Cable and Associated Press.] The News gives the following details of the recent riot at Erzeroum: On June 20th the soldiers were trying to disperse Armenians who were holding a meeting in a church. The soldiers began a massacre of the Armenians and the Turkish populace joined in the attack. The shops and houses of Armenians were pillaged. The sack lasted four hours. The British Consulate, at which on the same night a fete was being given for the benefit of poor Armenians, was stoned and its gates and windows broken. The Consul and members of his family took refuge in the cellars in the building and the fete was abandoned. The Armenian mission served as a refuge for fifty fugitives. Many Armenians, relying on the promises of the Turks to escort them to places of safety, were murdered in the streets. Fifty bodies have been found, mostly of persons who were bayoneted. Three hundred and fifty persons were wounded and 100 are missing.

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