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Treat My Son Suzan Simonyan

Story from News: Published: 10:26:27 - 20/10/2011

Roza Karapetyan from Martuni, Armenia, is a witty, energetic woman.

But she speaks very carefully about the minister of defense and the chiefs of the military unit where her son serves, and the doctors of Muratsan Hospital. Because her son Mayis has asked her to be careful otherwise the chiefs will treat him badly.

In 2010, he was called up to serve in one of the military units of NKR. He returned in a month and a half, with an injured eye and a nervous breakdown. He spent 40 days in a psychiatric hospital. The defense ministry officials and the specialists of Malayan clinic still think that he was cheating. However, in summer, after our report, his military unit was changed. He was taken to Goris.

The chief investigator Baghdasaryan described the incident in the criminal records, "Shahen Aghasyan ... on 11 August 2001, at 23:00, during the exercise, humiliating Masis Aghababyan's honor and dignity, said he smelt bad, argued with him, used words of abuse, hit M.

Aghababyan in the face with his army belt."

The belt hit the eye. From that day, Mayis' eye got worse. After the incident, the soldier was taken to Muratsan Hospital, filled in some forms but they did not allow Roza Karapetyan to have a look, and she overheard one of the doctors of Malayan Center who examined her son, Sofia Kasyan, that the boy needs an operation, and learned from a talk with the doctors of the hospital that if he is treated, the boy who hit him will be sentenced to 8-10 years.

It is possible that this is not the exact words of the doctors and Roza understood so because otherwise she cannot explain why her son is getting no treatment though he has been taken to hospital and back to the military unit for four times, concluding that the guy is cheating.

Later the doctor of Malayan Center denies her own words. No doctor agrees to go to the hospital and treat him. As a result, Mayis was taken back to hospital with a suspicious diagnosis and with an eye getting blind. The diagnosis became the basis for a verdict.

Judge Hamlet Davtyan decided that the blind eye and nervous breakdown is medium gravity harm. Under Article 359 Para 2, he decided to sentence Shahen Aghasyan to 18 months in the disciplinary battalion.

In two months he was released of serving his sentence because of illness.

The judge dismissed the claim of the injured party for 1 million drams. Attorney Seda Safaryan appealed this verdict but the Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal while the Court of Cassation has recently responded that no process will be launched.

"We cannot change anything. Only the conclusion of impartial, independent doctors will help us undertake actions again and apply to the ministry to have the boy sent home," the attorney says.

In the result of our complaints and publications, Mayis was taken to the ministry for a medical examination. "Two experts were sitting there. They said take that chair and sit down. They said ..." Roza Karapetyan says. On September 21, the 20th anniversary of independence, Mayis Aghababyan, blind and with mental disorder, but tall and handsome, was taken to march in the parade as a symbol of the Armenian soldier.

Attorney Seda Safaryan wrote a letter to the minister of defense asking for a 10-day leave. The request was met. Now Mayis is in Goris.

On paper, he cannot go on sentry duty but in reality he takes the gone and goes on sentry. He told his mother on telephone he will serve, though blind. Someone may have conscience and treat him.

P.S. Roza Karapetyan, who lives in Martuni Town, 40 Karapetyan Street, asked us to appeal to President Sargsyan on her behalf who is her last hope. "Either treat my son or let me treat him, or appoint a meeting for at least 2 minutes."

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