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Mariane Church of Ashtarak

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Mariane Church in Ashtarak

The church Marine (1281) is situated in the central part of Ashtarak Town, northwestern from Karmravor Church. It’s a domed erection, cross-like in the scheme inside and rectangle from outside (11,45x8, 88m). From two sides two-tiered side-chapels join the apse, from the western wing two square in scheme rooms open. The church’s proportions peculiar to the given epoch are tendency and rushed upward, the facades have the same simple decorations.

The drum of the dome is round from inside and ten-hedral from outside. The belfry over the southern wing was built in 1838. There are two entries from western and southern sides. To the western wall of the church join unfinished erections of the beginning of XX c. the remainders of the fortress wall built of unprocessed blocks of basalt preserved. The yard was equipped with modern amenities in 1977.

"S. Mariane church of 1281 is marred by an unfinished early 20th c. basilica tacked on." (Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook)

"The church of Saint Mariane, or Marine, at Ashtarak dates from 1281. Rather small in size and simple in architectural conception, it catches the eye with its soaring shapes, particularly the elegance of its drum. Consequentially, it ranks among the edifices whose balance of proportions is characteristic of the architecture of medieval Armenia. (Monuments of Armenia)"