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Marco Polo

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A trader and explorer, Marco Polo crossed Armenia and Cilicia on more than one occassion on his way to or from China, and wrote about it in Book One of The Travels of Marco Polo. Relevant chapters are presented here.


Introductory Notices contains:

  • Autograph of HETHUM or HAYTON I. King of (Cicilian) Armenia; copied from _Codice Diplomatico del Sacro Militare Ordine Gerosolemitano_, I. 135. The signature is attached to a French document without date, granting the King's Daughter "Damoiselle Femie" (Euphemia) in marriage to Sire Julian, son of the Lady of Sayete (Sidon). The words run: _Thagávor Haiwetz_ ("Rex Armenorum"), followed by the King's cypher or monogram; but the initial letter is absent, probably worn off the original document.

Prologue contains:

  • Castle of AYAS. After _Langlois, Voyage en Cilicie._

Book First contains:

  • Coin of King HETUM I. and Queen ISABEL of Cilician Armenia. From an original in the British Museum. Engraved by ADENEY.
  • Castle of BAIBURT. After _Texier, L'Arménie_, Pl. 3.
  • Mediaeval GEORGIAN FORTRESS. From a drawing by Padre CRISTOFORO DI CASTELLI of the Theatine Mission, made in 1634, and now in the Communal Library at Palermo. The name of the place has been eaten away, and I have not yet been able to ascertain it.

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