Luiza Aghajanyan-Tsaturyan

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The Secret Of Success Of The Armenian Title-Winning Grandma

Sona Hakobyan

"Radiolur" 08.02.2012 13:51

Luiza Aghajanyan-Tsaturyan of Armenia became the winner of the Miss Grandma Universe 2012 beauty contest held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In the first round of the competition-festival she presented the Armenian folk dress, in the second round the participants demonstrated their cooking skills and creative talent. She prepared traditional Armenia dolma and spas and recited poems of her own.

Luiza Aghajanyan-Tsaturyan met with journalists today to share the secret of her success.

"I have dedicated 33 years of my life to children. I'm a very open, generous, purposeful and kind person. Perhaps this kindness is reflected in my appearance. I have never undergone any plastic surgery and have never been on a diet. I'm just dancing and doing aerobics," she said.

Luisa Aghajanayan is a teacher-choreographer and has three children and two grandchildren. She will turn 52 soon.

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