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Bright Armenia (Լուսավոր Հայաստան կուսակցություն, or Lusavor Hayastan Kusaktsutyun, abbreviated LHK), is one of 3 political parties represented in Armenia's National Assembly (parliament). It is headed by Edmon Manukyan.

Bright Armenia (Armenian: Լուսավոր Հայաստան) is a classical liberal[1] political party in Armenia founded on December 12, 2015.[2]


In the Armenian parliamentary election 2017 and Yerevan City Council election 2017, it took part in the elections as part of the Way Out Alliance (YELQ) gaining few seats.

In the 2018 Yerevan City Council elections it run as a part of the Bright Alliance. The Alliance won three seats, two seats were taken by Bright Armenia and one seat was taken by Hanrapetutyun Party.

Following the 2018 Armenian parliamentary election, Bright Armenia became the third largest party in the National Assembly and one of the two official opposition parties, the other being Prosperous Armenia.

Political position

Bright Armenia is a liberal, pro-European political party. Edmon Marukyan called for raising relations with the European Union to a strategic partnership level.[3] Party members also advocate for visa-free travel of Armenian citizens to the EU's Schengen Area.[4] The party opposes Armenia's current membership in the Eurasian Union and believes that Armenia should withdraw its membership and begin to negotiate an Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union.[5] Bright Armenia supports Armenia's full membership in the EU and wishes to begin the first steps of accession negotiations without delay.[5]

The party manifesto states, "Armenia should show initiative in pan-European processes and structures, presenting itself as the true bearer of the values of European civilization and democracy."[6]

Despite the party's Pro-European orientation, Bright Armenia also believes in maintaining positive cooperation with Russia and ensuring that the interests of Armenia are not compromised in favor of other countries.[7]

Party council

The party council consists of 12 members.[8]

Electoral record

Parliamentary elections

Party leader Edmon Marukyan, was elected as an independent MP in Armenian parliamentary election 2012.[10]

Election Alliance Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2017 part of Way Out Alliance 122,049 7.78 Template:Composition bar Template:Steady Template:Steady 3rd Template:No2
2018 none 80,024 6.37 Template:Composition bar 11px 15 Template:Steady 3rd Template:No2

Local elections

Yerevan City Council elections

Election Alliance Mayor candidate Votes % Seats in City Council +/– Position
2017 part of Way Out Alliance
Nikol Pashinyan
Template:Composition bar Template:Steady Template:Steady 2nd
2018 part of Bright Alliance
Artak Zeynalyan
Template:Composition bar 11px 11 11px 3rd

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