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The Latter Protest Against the Atrocities of the Former

APRIL 18, 1915

TABRIZ, April 16, (via Petrograd, April 17.)-- Engagements between Armenians and Kurds are frequent in the vicinity of Van, in Turkish Armenia, according to reliable information reaching Tabriz and a general massacre of Christians is expected in the Province of Bashkals. The Armenians of Van are hurriedly trying to raise volunteers in Azerbaijan Province, Persia, to help them against the Turks and the Kurds,

After several stubborn engagements between Russian and Turks, to the north of Dilman, in Persia, the Turks to the south of Dilman. From the district of the Choruk River it is reported that after an unsuccessful defense of Khopa, the Turks retreated beyond Archava where they have occupied fortified heights from which they are making sorties.

There is said to be growing hostility between the Turks and Kurds, the former deprecating the inhumanity of the latter. In cases where Turks and Kurds are serving together this disaffection has at times approached the mutinous stage. Turkish soldiers and even the younger of the Turkish officers are protesting against the countenancing by higher Turkish officers of the outrages committed by the Kurds. There are several instances of Turkish soldiers having lynched Kurds guilty of unusual atrocities.

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