Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan Armenian School

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KZV is an Armenian community-supported school. The Armenian Studies Program enables students to develop oral and written fluency in the Armenian language, as well as to study Armenian cultural and political history, religion, and the current status of the Armenian nation. KZV strives to instill a sense of pride in every student about his Armenian past and a desire to perpetuate his rich language and culture through his offspring. The Armenian Studies department invites Armenian poets, writers, artists, musicians and other Armenians who have attained local or national prominence on a regular basis to visit KZV as guest speakers. The program holds several Armenian language recitation and general knowledge competitions a year. Students participate in Armenian language drama, recitations and sing at Armenian holiday assemblies, and at the Christmas.


The Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan Armenian School was founded in 1980 under the auspices of St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church of San Francisco and through the generosity of many visionary individuals. The Elementary School was named in honor of its original benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Krikor Krouzian and Mr. Carl Zekarian. In September of that year 33 students made up the first pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade of the new school. A new grade was added each year. In 1985 a second floor was constructed to make room for the first sixth grade of the new Middle School. It was named for the ancestral homeland, Vasbouragan, of the principal Middle School benefactor, Mr. Hratch Tarpinian.

Organization of the School

The ultimate governance of the School lies with the Executive Council of the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Los Angeles. The Board of Regents, Superintendent, Education Council, and Financial Council comprise the central governing bodies of all the Prelacy schools. The local governing bodies, consisting of KZV’s‚ Education and Finance Committees, together with the Principal, are responsible for formulating policy and for establishing and maintaining the sound financial condition of the School. The Board of Regents of the Western Prelacy appoints the Principal who as chief administrator directs the day to day activities and operations necessary to achieve the School's objectives.

Mission Statement

The Prelacy Armenian Schools believe firmly in the importance of education and academic excellence, the development of the national character and the heritage of the Armenian people, language, culture, traditions and religion. Our schools strive to: Provide educational opportunities that will develop positive universal values, academic, social and emotional skills that will guide, prepare and encourage our students to become viable Armenian-American citizens to better serve mankind. Instill students with the Armenian spirit within a wholesome environment in order to ensure their commitment to traditional Armenian values, secure future growth, promote their involvement in the rebuilding process of Armenia and the perpetuation of her independence, based upon the principles of democracy, equality, justice and economic prosperity.

KZV Endowment Fund

SAN FRANCISCO--This November, the Krouzian-Zekarian-Vasbouragan (KZV) Armenian School in San Francisco, CA will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

To ensure the continued success and financial stability of the only Armenian American School in Northern California, the Finance Committee of the school has established the KZV Endowment Fund, which has already raised $1.4 million.

For 25 years, KZV has pursued its mission "to provide a first rate, high quality academic education in a safe environment, while also instilling in [the] students a sense of pride in their Armenian identity." The school has consistently produced high scoring students and graduates who have continued their education at some of the country's finest learning institutions.

With the help of the Endowment Fund, the KZV plans on improving and adding to its current programs. Several new programs include Spanish classes for grades 5 through 8, Honors classes for Algebra, and a newly wired school-wide network.

Though the entire San Francisco community has supported the efforts of the school, major donors to the KZV Fund include Henry and Rita Khachaturian ($1 million), Jirair and Serpouhie Sarkissian ($200 thousand), Steve and Louise Krouzian Noroian($150 thousand), and Siroun Bazigian($150 thousand).

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