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Kotrats Caravanserai

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XIV AD - Syunik Marz

Kotrats Caravanserai - interior ruins

From the Sisian-Goris highway, a signposted road turns S to Harzhis (494 v.), which is perched above the Vorotan Gorge among rolling volcanic uplands. About half way to Harzhis, where the power pylons cross the road, a dirt road leads back NNW to the substantial remains of the "Kotrats Caravansaray,"* built in 1319 by the Orbelian family as a way point on the Silk Road. The Armenian inscription over the door is badly weathered, but a Persian inscription survives above it. There are also standing stones of an early Iron Age cemetery nearby. An Aramaic inscription was found nearby. Beyond Harzhis, a rough dirt road continues SE to Shinuhayr, passing remains of a medieval hamlet on the edge of the gorge. There are castle remains somewhere nearby. Deep inside the gorge below Harzhis is a 13th c. bridge over the Vorotan. [Paragraph Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook.]