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Kazan is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and one of Russia's largest and most ancient cities.

In 2005 Kazan marked its 1000th anniversary. The exhibition of artists from Armenia within the frameworks of celebrations in Kazan in late March 2005 astonished the residents of the city as well as the Armenians of Kazan.

"Armenians settled in Kazan nearly 10 centuries ago, promoted trade and preserved their culture." said by 2005 head of the Armenian community of Tatarstan, Mikhail Khachaturian, "though the Armenian community was officially formed only in 1994, its traditions and history is older by far."

An Armenian khachkar dated 1335 was found at the University of Kazan.

At the House-Museum ofParajanov Mikhail Khachaturian and, by 2005, the head of the city's cultural department presented the participants of the exhibition with gifts and thank-you notes.

Arkadi Karbayev, head of the cultural department, said that the canvases, statues and articles of decorative art created a little Kazan.

"We bow before you; you make a tale of a stone and work miracles", Mr. Karbayev said.

Head of the Armenian community of Tatarstan, Mikhail Khachaturian, added that Armenia's cooperation with Kazan will continue as there are new exhibition ahead to be stage in the town.


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