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Kapan (Arm: Կապան), Syunik Marz

Kapan is a nice town built along two rivers that join in southern Armenia. The area has a lot of deep green forests, and a few nice monasteries and fortresses. The city is proof that Soviet architecture need not always look bad.File:-kapan-statue-davit bek.jpg

Kapan (28351 v., till 1991 Ghapan, originally Madan) is the marz capital, a once bustling mining town built originally with French capital in the late 19th c. It boasts a high-rise hotel on the main square (S bank of the river -- hot water in the "luxe" rooms), and a museum. On the W edge of Kapan, on a hill S of the Voghji river, sit the ruins of Halidzor Fortress, with church remains within. Built in the 17th c. as a nunnery, it became the headquarters of Davit Bek, the famous early 18th c. freedom fighter. He died there of illness in 1728, and is by repute buried in the cemetery outside the castle. On NE edge of town is a 17th c. church in the district called Kavard. Somewhere about 5 km NW of Kapan is the former village of Achakhlu with the 10-13th c. Ashaghui Vank. Apparently in the same area is the former village of Bashkend, with a Greek church and ruins of the Achanan castle. [This paragraph is from the Rediscover Armenia Guide.]

Kapan is sister cities with Glendale, California


"Kapan - General View"
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File:-hill near kapan.jpg

"Kapan - local scenery (just west of town)"
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"Kapan - A river runs through it"
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