Kamo Nigaryan

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Kamo_Nigaryan&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Kamo Nigaryan Mars symbol.svg
Profession Painter
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian

Armenian Artist's Works To Go On Display At Modern Art Museum

tert.am 18:18 ~U 10.12.12

Yerevan's Modern Art Museum will open next week an exhibition dedicated to Kamo Nigaryan, an outstanding representative of the Armenian contemporary painting art.

The display, which will run from December 11 until 15, will feature 49 abstract canvasses that have never been showcased before.

"Kamo Nigaryan was a very modest and taciturn person. He didn't normally like organizing an exhibition of his own works. When we found out last year that he also has photos, we decided to arrange the exposition. But he wouldn't wish it and felt uncomfortable" the Museum's director, Noune Avetisyan, told reporters on Monday, noting that the artist held his first exhibition at the age of 17.

Avetisyan particularly praised the artist's contribution to the development of the museum art. "He wouldn't arrange things at the exhibition just for the sake of doing that. He had a creative approach to everything. In Armenia, it was a new word in the museum design," she said.

Avetisyan added that an illustrated book, containing 83 pieces by the author, is also going to to be showcased at the exhibition.

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