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John Scourtis

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Birthplace Ethiopia
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Lived in Addis Ababa, Adelaide, Sydney, Moscow
Death place Tianjin, China
Death year 2016
Languages English, Greek, Armenian
Ethnicities Greek, Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian
Ancestral villages Marash, Gesaria
Spouses Antonella
Partners Olga
Children Christopher, Loya

John Scourtis passed away at the age of 53 following a heart attack. John is the son of Aris and Sylva (Kouyoumdjian) Scourtis.

Together with his family, John left Ethiopia for Australia in February 1972. He earned a degree in physical chemistry in 1984 from Flinders University, Adelaide. He attended IMD Business School in Geneva in 2002. He has had varying management positions in multinational companies. During the past 15 years, he has been involved in major mergers and acquisitions, and the development of strategies after acquisitions. He has held top executive and board member positions in Australia, Estonia, Dubai, the Russian Federation and, most recently, as SGS’s General Manager for the Operation of a Petrochemical Terminal in Tianjin City, China.

John Scourtis had a son Christopher (18yo) with his wife Antonella, and a daughter Loya (5yo) with his partner Olga, all of whom survive him. His mother and two sisters also survive him.