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Hovhannes Tumanian: Farewell of Sirius

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Translation of Hovhannes Tumanian poem

O say, from what remoteness do you hail
Sirius, mighty traveller of the sky,
What is the haven to which you sail
With speed untold
On endless routes,
As the centuries unfold?
Most brilliant gem of the firmament,
You gleam
On the heavenly dome.
With your bounty of ardent light
You decorate
The canopy of our dim night.
How many eyes gazed at you before
Just as we do tonight,
And how many more
As yet unborn
Will be gazing at your light?
Who was it first wished you good speed
From our Earth
And the human race?
And in whose eyes without a trace
Will fade,
Darken, expire
Forever your farewell fire?
Good speed on your way, our ancient guest!
If you perchance
Meet mighty Death
Ask her a question on our behalf:
“How many
Generations of men
Will a stellar leave-taking outlast?