House of Cards

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House of Cards is a TV series.

Season 4

The Bitbag writes:

However, Lucas was cleverly able to attain his freedom back by using his skills in journalism. Yes, he managed to extract the truth from his cellmate.

As Lucas was talking to his cellmate Gagik of what initially seems to be a harmless talk, someone apparently has been listening in. And while he continually converses with Gagik, Lucas learned of a large syndicate group that has a power way beyond House of Cards fans have ever witnessed.

Gagik made mention of an Armenian Power in Los Angeles that literally skins you alive. Nevertheless, we really don’t know whether Goodwin’s Armenian Power information, which he could have probably relayed to authorities handling the Armenian case, was the key to get him out of jail.

Anyhow, the thought of the Armenian Power skinning him alive while looking at the mirror may be the last thing he’ll keep in his mind as he starts plotting his revenge versus Underwood.