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Horom Citadel

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Bronze Age - Shirak Marz


Near the town of Artik...Taking the opposite road E, about 1 km E of the village of Horom (1333 v., S. Hripsime church of 1861) is a dam and reservoir. S of the road, opposite the dam, rise two substantial hills wreathed with impressive Bronze Age through Urartian citadel** walls. Armenian and American archaeologists led by Ruben Badalian and Philip Kohl began excavations there recently, and have found well-preserved walls a great depth of cultural materials. This is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Armenia, particularly in the spring when the massive volcanic stones of the fortress are set off by brilliant green grass. Potsherds and obsidian flakes are strewn everywhere.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook