Holy Martyrs Day School Holds Annual Book Fair

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Holy Martyrs Day School Holds Annual Book Fair

By HMADS Correspondent

December 29, 2007

Appearing in The Armenian Reporter International

Bayside, NY – The Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School Book Fair opened on November 27 in a church auditorium festively adorned with interesting and challenging books, in English and Armenian.

At the initiative of school principal Zarmine Boghosian, the fair kicked off with an hour of reading, answering questions, and telling captivating stories. The 6th graders presented a selection of ancient Greek myths, fables and foktales, featuring imaginative student artwork. The highlight of the day was the way the younger students interacted in a question-and-answer session, showing attention, interest and critical thinking and listening skills.

On November 29, attendees at the Book Fair enjoyed the presence of Lucine Kasbarian, a writer and cartoonist, who gave an exciting lecture on such timely topics as the Congressional Armenian Genocide resolution. Ms. Kasbarian had a good rapport with the upper-grade students, who had a chance to analyze some of her work in a presentation on political cartooning and the Armenian Cause.

The event was enhanced by the participation of many dedicated parents, and the engaging educational atmosphere was nicely captured in some letters received by the school after the book fair.

Margaret Dagavarian, of Little Neck, NY, was especially impressed by the Greek Myths presentation, citing its “flawless presentation, stage presence, and beautiful artwork by the students of the graduation class of 2008.” She also praised the younger students whose ‘hands were raised with enthusiasm after the presentation and during the Q-and-A period conducted by the schools’ principal.

Author Lucine Kasbarian wrote to the students to let them know “how deeply impressed [I was] by how smart, articulate, outgoing, well-mannered and Hayaser the children were. During our workshop, I was delighted to see how eager they were to participate, to witness their problem-solving skills as they deciphered the messages the cartoonists sought to convey, and to see the clever cartoons that they themselves created as part of the schools’ existing curriculum.”

Kasbarian added a note for the school staff: “I could not be more proud of the way in which you are imparting our Armenian traditions and values to these students, and am confident that the instruction they are receiving under your guidance in qualifying and preparing them to take their places as our Armenian community leaders of tomorrow.”