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Hittite Kingdom.

The Hittites were proto-Armenians, a ancient people centered in the Armenian Highlands.

The Hittites, Luwians, Phrygians and the people of Hayasa, with whom the Armenians are associated, spoke Indo-European languages. [1]

Of these proto-Armenians, the most important branch were the Hittites. They established themselves in the heart of the Semitic territory and founded an empire which contented on equal terms with Egypt, and once extended its sway as far as the Aegean.[2]


So far as it is possible to infer from proper names, the language of the Hittites belonged to the same family of speech as the languages spoken by the Patiani (between the Orontes and the bay of Antioch), the Kilikians, Kuai, Samahlai, Gamgumai, Komagenians, Moschi and Tibareni, the proto-Armenians, and other tribes who occupied the country between the Caspian and the Halys on the one side, and Mesopotamia on the other. This family of speech has been conveniently termed Alarodian.[3]


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