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Armenia is a hikers paradise - with virtually the whole country free of fences, and open to hikers. There are few marked trails, but many trails exist which shepherds use, or off road vehicles.

Hiking resources

External links

  • - Bnatachar is an excellent weekly hiking group organized by Apres, taking you all over the country, often to places no other tours go. The site is in Armenian, but the weekly hike descriptions are in English and Armenian, and he'll be happy to add you to his mailing list if you email him:

Long distance hike

This is a bare bones route that could be hiked to see much that Armenia has to offer. It can link up to the Janapar Trail at the end.

Yerevan, Ejmiadzin, Ashtarak, Byurakan, Amberd, Tegher, Aruch, Talin, Mastara, Yereruyk, Ani, Maralik, Artik, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Lori Berd, Hnevank, Tumanyan?, Alaverdi, Noyemberyan, Makaravank or Kirants, Lastiver, Ijevan, Dilijan, Sevan, Kecharis, through Hrazdan Gorge, Arzni, Saranist, Geghard, Khosrov, St. Karapet, Noravank, Shatin, Hermon, Herher, Gndevank, Jermuk, Istisu, Geyser, Karvachar, Janapar Trail