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Henrik Malyan

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Film director Henrik Malyan (Armenian: Հենրիկ Մալյան, Russian: Генрих Суренович Малян, also transliterated Henrik Malian; September 30 (Telavi), 1925 – died, march 14, 1988,Yerevan) was a Soviet Armenian film director and writer.Narine Malian, the director of the troupe, which is composed of 16 members, is the daughter of Henrik Sureni Malian, prominent Armenian film director and writer, who founded the Henrik Malian Theatre of Armenfilm Studio in Yerevan,1980.


  • Guys from the Army Band (1961)
  • Road to the Stage (1963)
  • Mr. Jacques and Others 1966, "The Sham Informer" segment
  • Triangle (1967)Yerankyuni
  • We and Our Mountains (1970)
  • Father (1973) Hayrik
  • Nahapet; 1977, also writer)
  • A Piece of Sky (1980, also writer)
  • Gikor (1982, writer)
  • A Drop of Honey(1984, also writer) Mi Katil Meghr