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Hairenik (referred to interchangably as "Hairenik" and "the Hairenik") is a weekly newspaper published in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA in the Armenian language. It has reported, analyzed, and commented on the events of modern Armenian history since its founding in Boston in 1899. Its editors have included such Armenian luminaries as Arshak Vramian (1900-1907), Siamanto (1909-1911), Simon Vratsian (1911-1914), and Rouben Darbinian (1922-1968). The Hairenik is the longest-running Armenian-language newspaper in the world.

In 1932 a column in English was begun which was later spun off as the Armenian Weekly.

The Hairenik is published by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation through the Hairenik Association, and is that organization's official publication in its Eastern United States operating region.

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