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Lebanese President awards Professor Hagop Akiskal Medal of Health Merit

From news@Lebanon.com, the official site of the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

Thu 27/10/2011 10:51

NNA - 27/10/2011 - President Michel Sleiman awarded Professor Hagop Akiskal, who is of Lebanese origin and one of the leading psychiatrists worldwide, the Medal of Health Merit of the first (gold) degree today. Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil awarded Akiskal the medal during the opening ceremony of the congress on "Burning Issues in Psychiatry", which is being held over two days at Beirut's Phoenicia Hotel. During this congress, world experts, including Lebanese figures of international fame, will address the issue of bipolar disorders and temperament.

Minister Khalil declared: "President Michel Sleiman wanted, on the occasion of this congress, to honor a great physician, namely Professor Hagop Akiskal, in recognition of his contribution to supporting the health sector over the course of his long career, which was rich in science, knowledge, experience and ethical practice. In recognition of Professor Hagop Akiskal's contributions for Lebanon's sake, President Michel Sleiman decided to award him the Medal of Health Merit of the first (golden) degree. It is an honor for me to award Prof. Akiskal this medal on this occasion and to offer him my heartfelt congratulations."

Minister Khalil said: "Throughout its long and ancient history, Lebanon was never a simple number in demographic, economic or financial terms; rather, it has always been a cultural message not only as a geographical location but also everywhere where Lebanon reached out across the world, where it spread the alphabet, founded cities and contributed to the renaissance of many societies in the region, Africa and worldwide. In health-related issues in particular, the labor market opened up to it in most countries of the Middle East, Europe, North America, Australia, etc."