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HENQ Youth Initiative aims its activities towards raising civic awareness and respect towards the value of state independence. HENQ is a network, not an organization, of young individuals, which develops and carries out its programs on an open, informal basis - this is done to involve as much interested youth as possible without burdening them with organizational responsibilities. HENQ focuses on the small things that count - crossing the street at the crossroad under the green light, not littering, participating in elections and public discussions, doing volunteer work. These seem minor aspects, but we believe that by shedding light on their importance and encouraging people to live their life according to such simple points will take us one step further towards a democratic state.

One problem that HENQ addresses is the alienation of society from the idea of the State. This boundary can be toppled by spreading and enforcing the idea that the "state" actually includes everyone within the state, not only the government - hence the expression, We are the State.

HENQ executes its activities mainly through means which are yet unconventional for the Armenian public sphere - flash mobs, poster campaigns, and other forms of artivism (activism through art). This enables the initiative to keep its work energized by youth power and creativity, which is harnessed by a broad, open team of youth and directed towards building a knowledgeable citizenship, which believes that it is a crucial and decisive component of the State.

HENQ - Vision and Mission


We believe in building an established and eternal Armenian State, the henq (foundation) of which is the Citizen, led by the values of independent statehood and law.


Our mission is to develop and spread state consciousness and civic lifestyle through a network of henqs.

For this objective, HENQ is directed towards developing worthy citizens of our State, which acknowledge the importance of statehood and independence and accept them as indisputable national values.

7 Principles of HENQ

The national-civic worldview of HENQ is constituted of three basic points:

1. We are the State.

2. The interest of the State is our interest.

3. The responsibility of the State is our responsibility.

The civic lifestyle of HENQ is based on four main principles:

1. To value and respect our State, and thus value and respect ourselves.

2. To follow and respect the laws of our State, and thus respect each other.

3. To participate in elections and public discussions.

4. To do volunteer work and develop the State's interests, that is, our interests.

The abbreviation of HENQ

Hay (Armenian) - With strong statehood and national consciousness.

Eritasard (Young) - Endowed with youth spirit.

Nor (New) - With New way of thinking.

Qaghaqaciner (Citizens) - Since only the Citizen can be the foundation of the State.

Manifesto of HENQ Youth Initiative

Today's national goal of priority is the establishment and eternity of an independent State of Armenia.

Yet, it is impossible to establish a stable state without strong state consciousness.

The aforesaid seems overly general and hypothetical, and many think that we can reach that high goal only through forceful displays of unity.

However, we believe, that no step aimed at this cause can be considered trivial – instead, there are significant losses that come from refraining from taking those steps that we consider small.

By simply acknowledging, that the State of Armenia is the center of the Armenian World, that it has supreme authority over all matters of national-state importance, and that it is the main guarantee of our national identity, we can build a state.

All these are minor changes of worldview, which we tend to ignore subconsciously.

Yet by making these minor changes, we will ensure a new, major victory for our nation, for our country.

Since, in the end, we come to realize that to build an independent state, we must first develop an independent mindset. Because, after all, we are the State. And we are the future.

There are young Armenians who believe in this perspective. Each of them can bring upon serious change in the consciousness of our nation.

Together, that change will be even more significant.

HENQ is a network of like-minded young Armenians aimed at developing statehood awareness and civic lifestyle by focusing on the small things that count, like not littering, volunteering, and knowing your anthem. . Thus through this network, the influence of this vision gains breadth, and the team of youth prone towards building a state grows strong.

Thus, we…

…become henq.

Be the change.

Be henq.

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