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October 4, 1915

Tell Turkey That a Continuation of the Atrocities Will Jeopardize American Good Feeling

Washington -- Further representations have been made to the Ottoman Government by the Government of the United States regarding the Armenian atrocities.

Secretary of State Lansing tonight sent to Ambassador Morgenthau at Constantinople a message voicing the interest of the American people in the Armenian situation, and urging that steps be taken by the Turkish Government for the protection and humane treatment of the Armenians.

The message did not take the form of a protest from the Government of the United States, but directed Mr. Morgenthau to inform the Ottoman Government that the atrocities inflicted upon the Armenian Christians had aroused strong sentiment among the American people and that a continuation of these atrocities would tend to jeopardize the good feeling of the people of the United States toward the people of Turkey.

Secretary Lansing said today that no representations had been made to Germany regarding the treatment of the Armenians by the Turks. It was learned, however that Ambassador Morgenthau had reported that the German Embassy at Constantinople had filed a protest on this subject with the Turkish Foreign Office. An announcement some time ago was to the effect that the State Department had asked Count Von Bernstorff, the German Ambassador here, to bring the matter to the attention of his Foreign Office.

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