Garapet Jikerjian

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Noyan Tapan Armenians Today Jan 17 2006

NICOSIA, JANUARY 17, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. Garapet Jikerjian, an Armenian of Cyprus taken hostage about 130 days by assaults in Iraq, returned Nicosia on January 16. Radio Liberty stated about this.

"I hope that I'll be able to leave all these in future and start a new life.

Thank God, I managed to return home. I wouldn't wish even my enemy what I lived," according to "Francepress," Garo Jikerjian said to journalists.

An unknown before organization of armed people from Iraq which calls itself "Grouping in the Name of Spreading Kind and Liquidating Evil," kidnapped businessman of Armenian origin Garapet Jean Jikerjian on August 21 and demanded 1 mln dollars to set him free. Jikerjian was set free after the New Year, and, according to his family, 200 dollars ransom was paid.

Moslem grouping menaced to kill 41 years old Jikerjian having citizenship of Cyprus and Lebanon who is the representative of the "Jeto Trading" company providing food and drinking to "American occupation troops" in Iraq if the company doesn't stop its activity in Iraq immediately. Implementing the kidnappers' demand, the company stopped its activity in Iraq in the middle of September.

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