Galust Orduyan

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Alameda Times-Star, CA Oct 14 2004

Father and son exhibit works to inspire hope and healing

ADISPLAY of mosaic works by Galust "Nick" Orduyan and paintings by his son, Greg, at the San Mateo Medical Center is meant to make people feel better, both physically and spiritually. The artists offer their talents as an act of gratitude to the medical team there who saved the life of Greg's mother when she developed a serious illness. Hospital CEO Nancy Steiger believes the Orduyans' art "will help bring hope and healing" to patients. Patients, staff and visitors can see "Hope Through Art" on the walls of the long-term care corridor of the main hospital through Nov. 19. Both father and son espouse a "family tradition" to bring such positive things to the community through art. When Galust Orduyan, a noted artist, poet and wine master, returned home to his destroyed Armenian village after being badly wounded in World War II, he "took a shovel, baby fruit trees and grape cutters and he began to plant a public garden," his son recalls. "His words were, 'This is my art today.'" Greg and Galust Orduyan were granted permanent residency in the United States based on their contributions in the field of fine arts. Today, Galust Orduyan is a newly sworn American citizen. Greg Orduyan would like the show at the hospital to inspire more art for the community, "and not only the wealthiest." He emphasizes that being an artist "is not about selling as much of your work as possible for as much money as possible," but rather it is "about inspiring change for the better by delivering a message from the divine."

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