Galanthus alpinus

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Ձնծաղիկ ալպիական (“Dzntsaghik Alpiakan”)


Very rare species in Caucasus. Recently registered in the northern part of Armenia. There are only a few small populations of this plant, which are located close to populated areas and can disappear as a result of gathering this plant for bouquets. Aragats population does not exist any more.

Habitat in Armenia

Met in the floristic region of Ijevan.

Habitat and ecology

Grows in the lower slopes of the hills.

Biology and potential value

Blossoms beautifully in early spring. After the blossom the leaves intensively increase which makes the identification of the plant very difficult. Has scientific interest. Medicinal plant, from all types of the plant, medicinal preparation galantamin is being made.

Measures of protection

Gathering the plant for bouquets should be forbidden. Strict control over the population should be organized. Included in the Red Book of the former Soviet Union.

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