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Dr. Israel Says That They Have Abundant Supplies of Immunization

AUGUST 5, 1915

BERLIN, August 4, (via London, Thursday, Aug. 5.)--Professor James Israel, who recently operated on the Sultan of Turkey, has returned here from Constantinople. He says he left the Sultan completely cured and able to attend the next Selamlik.

Dr. Israel in an interview in the Tageblatt says he conferred repeatedly with the Grand Vizier and the Foreign Minister, and that as the Sultan's tenure of life without surgical attention would have been very short and as he was suffering great pain. It was decided to perform on operation. Two gallstones of large size were removed, and the causes of the other aliments of the Sultan were attended to.

Dr. Israel said that he noted in Constantinople an extraordinarily confident feeling on the part of the people with regard to the war. He conversed with virtually all the influential persons of the Court and the leading army commanders, and found all of them of the belief that the Dardanelles could be held, particularly since one of the chief difficulties, namely, the supply of ammunition, had been solved. There is now an abundance of ammunition in Turkey, he declares.

The relations between the Turks and the Germans., according to Dr. Israel, are excellent. The highest authorities, such as the Grand Vizier and the Minister of War, Dr. Israel says, is unreservedly pro-German, and paid the Highest tribute to the ability and extraordinary capacity of the Germans.

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