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Eurasia International University (EIU) was founded in 1996. On March 13, 2002, according to the Decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia (RA), EIU was conferred state accreditation as well as vested with authority to award diplomas of state standard.

The founders of EIU made a difficult decision to establish a Higher Education Institution (HEI). The increase in the number of students studying abroad and “brain drain” were the main reasons underlying the responsible decision of the establishment of EIU. According to EIU founders, best qualitative peculiarities expressed in the methods of teaching, educational technologies, assessment methodology of quality of education as well as culture of education inherent to international universities could have been introduced in HEIs of the RA long ago. In Armenia there was an obvious gap caused by absence of a HEI, where Excellence is achieved through combination of Tradition and Progress. Longing to fill that gap made the founders, nevertheless took the responsible decision on the establishment of EIU.

Since its establishment, EIU has been trying to be an alternative option for all those, who are deprived of opportunity to study abroad. At the same time, for all those, who study or gain training abroad (EIU often provides such opportunity to its best students and staff members), EIU is aimed to be one of those starting points, where the development of home country begins.

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