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Ergun Kirlikovali

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Supporters Of Ergun Kirlikovali, Idiot Armenian Genocide-Denier, Threaten To Protest Outside Weekly Offices!

By Gustavo Arellano

OC Weekly Feb 1 2012 CA

You can write all sorts of damning things against individuals, yet it's the most innocuous words that hurt. I'll never forget last year, when I got a call from none other than Mark Weber, the head of the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review, all upset that I called him a "cockroach" in a post. I talked him down by pointing out that, like those insects, his kind had to hide from the public, a point he didn't dispute but then blamed on the Jews--kidding.

(About the Jews part, at least. I think)

Something must be in the water that denialists drink, because now the genocide deniers all bent out of shape are supporters of Ergun Kirlikovali, current president of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations and the idiot who insists the Armenian genocide never happened.

Any sane person would agree anyone who willfully denies the Armenian genocide is an idiot--but it's that simple insight that has me in hot water with Kirlikovali's fans.

Last Thursday, our receptionist told me that someone called threatening to occupy the Weekly's offices unless I met with them--something about me insulting their leader. It finally dawned on me that they were referring to this post, where I noted Kirlikovali was an idiot, mostly for having the ATAA whine that genocides should only be deemed as such by historians...then claiming France committed genocide against Algerians.

Yesterday, Taylor found the angry message--roll the tape!


Yes, angry man: Kirlikovali is an idiot. If you think the Armenian genocide didn't happen, then you're an idiot, too. So is anyone who denies it. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

Feel free to protest outside our offices--just make sure to bring the raki and iskender kabob, as you might as well make yourself useful for something.

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