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Edvard Sasun is one of the most highly qualified living artists in the world today. His work draws from a rich system of symbols, themes and motifs that are often missed by the casual observer. Experienced collectors appreciate the visual metaphors and other clues that provide a contemporary meaning to his paintings.

Edvard Sasun (Edvard Avagian) was born in Armenia in 1955. He began to draw at an early age and also studied physics and mathematics while pursing his career as an artist. After completion of his formal education in 1977 he moved to St. Petersburg in 1978 to continue his artistic development at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1987 he qualified as an Artist, Painter and Teacher by the Institute.

Sasun has traveled extensively and his more recent work reflects the influences of his exposure to the folklore, mythology, religion, and culture of the regions that he has visited. It also reflects the dynamic nature of his work that makes it unique and significant. Discerning collectors already appreciate the distinction and value of owning a Sasun and know that his works is gaining increased international recognition with each passing day.

Born: 1955- in Armenia


  • 1972-1977 Studied at the Yerevan State University(ARMENIA). Faculty of economical Cybernetics, and qualified as a mathematician-cybernetic and economic.
  • 1980-1987 Studied at the I.E.Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (St. Petersburg, Russia) And qualified as an artist, painter and teacher.


  • 1980-1987 Annual Exhibition in the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg.
  • 1985 Union of Arts Students Exhibition in Moscow.
  • 1988 Republic Union Exhibition of young Artists in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Armenia.
  • 1989 Portraitist Exhibition of Classic Armenian Artists of 19th & 20th centuries (Armenia).
  • 1999 The National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1999 Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2000 International art Exhibition, Geneva
  • 2000 At the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand.
  • 2001 Thavibu Gallery (Exhibition show, works by foreign Six artists residing in Thailand).

Important Publicity:

  • Art Book
    • 1999 Bangkok Thailand
  • Brochure
    • 2000 Geneva International Exhibition
    • 2000- Bangkok, Spirit of Thailand
  • Magazines
    • 1999 October, “Ban Lae Suan”, Bangkok Thailand
    • 2000“Universe Artist”, Belgium.
    • 2000“DATE LINE BANGKOK” (Foreign Correspondents Club) Bangkok, Thailand
    • 2000“Guide of Bangkok” (Bangkok, Thailand)
    • 2001 “Bangkok Life Style” (Bangkok, Thailand)
    • 2001“DICHAN” (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Catalogue
    • 2000 Geneva International Exhibition
  • Newspapers
    • 1999 “Star Metro” Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • 1999 “Kao Sod” ( Bangkok, Thailand)

Hundreds of paintings- composition works, portraits, landscapes, still lives, drawings and sketches are owned by private collectors in Russia, Armenia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Switzerland, Lebanon, USA, Canada, UK etc.

Mr. Mark Woodroffe(UK) , a Thailand based collector, the largest individual collection (in all mediums) of Edvard Sasun's work in the world. http://www.woodroffe-sasun-collection.com

Contact with Edvard Sasun:

Mobile- (661)828-1427
E-mail- sasunfineart@yahoo.co.uk

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