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Edmond Keosayan

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Edmond Keosayan was an Armenian Soviet film director and musician. He was also a compere of the Soviet State Variety Orchestra. His films are mainly in the Armenian and Russian languages.


  • 1964: Why are you quiet Maxim? (Gde ty teper, Maxim?)
  • 1966: The Elusive Avengers (Neulovimye mstiteli/Неуловимые мстители)
  • 1968: The New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (Novye priklyucheniya nuelovimykh/Новые приключения неуловимых)
  • 1971: The Crown of the Russian Empire or Once again the Elusive Avengers (Korona Rossiyskoy imperi, ili snova neulovimykh
  • 1973: Tghamardik (Russian: Muzhchiny, English The Men)
  • 1975: Moratsvatz heqiatneri kirtche (Russian: Ushchele pokinutykh skazok, English: The Canyon of Deserted Tales)
  • 1975: When Septempber comes (Kogda nastupayet sentyabr)
  • 1978: Huso Astgh (Star of Hope, Russian: Zvezda nadezhdy, alternative Armenian title: Mkhitar sparapet)
  • 1980: Legend tzaghratzui masin (Russian: Legenda o skomorokhe, English: Legend of the Clown)
  • 1982: Gde-to plachet ivolga (The Oriole Is Crying Somewhere...)
  • 1988: Vozneseniye (The Ascent)

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