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David Bequette

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Birthplace St. Louis
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Lived in United States, Yerevan, Malta
Resides in Yerevan
Languages English, Armenian
Ethnicities American
Dialects Eastern Armenian
Spouses Irina Ghaplanyan

Partner at The Green Bean cafe in Yerevan, and of Fruits Max.

Another addition to the ONEArmenia family

We are over the moon about David Bequette's new role at 1A as in-country manager. He is an entrepreneur for the ages, with tried and true knowledge of what it takes to make even the wildest of dreams a reality in Armenia. A native of St.Louis, Missouri, he moved to Armenia two years ago with his wife and young son and, until now, could often be found planning the next innovative business venture at his smoke-free and dog-friendly Green Bean cafe on Amiryan Street. We'll be holding him hostage at the ONEArmenia office from now on ;)

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