Daughter Love

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Daughter Love

A poem by Lucine Kasbarian for her mother, Alice Hamparian Kasbarian

Published in the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project blog

July 17, 2012

She wakes at eight in her bed with the rail,

She smiles in delight, with nary a wail.

I relish her babytalk, hug her and kiss her,

Changing her diaper, I wash her and dress her.

We kiss and we sing, she gurgles with laughter,

Miss Jolly, spoon-fed, gazes sweetly thereafter.

She teethes CD cases, whate’er’s at arm’s length,

Her joy is contagious -- from where comes her strength?

I drop her at Day Care, and muse to another,

“But I am not childless, I’ve an Alzheimer’s mother.”