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This Armenian Strife

This Armenian Strife screenshot

October 11, 2007

Segment on the Armenian Genocide resolution in congress.

Aasif Mandvi gives a lesson on revisionist history as it relates to American allies.

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Armenian Embassy on Halloween

This segment of the Daily Show visits a few of the embassies in Washington DC, including the Armenian Embassy. They show two clips of the Armenian Embassy, but it's not clear if they get any candy. You will hear them say "khorovats" (bbq).

Global Edition

On November 3, 2010, Jon Stewart asked before taping if anyone in the audience had seen the Daily Show Global Edition, and Anoush Tatevossian said she had watched in Armenia, and after a follow-up question said she watched in the capital, Yerevan. In the taping of the show Jon mentioned that the show is watched in Armenia.