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The Civilitas Foundation was founded by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vardan Oskanyan.


In the spirit of the Latin ‘Civilitas’ – the citizen’s responsibility to society – the Civilitas Foundation encourages the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to the realization of a functioning and prosperous democracy and promotes the right of every individual to benefit from his/her full potential.

The Foundation’s goals of generating and fostering innovative ideas and initiatives and assisting or creating the mechanisms and institutions that bring them to fruition are met through two major program areas: The Council on International Relations and the Democracy and Development Initiative.

Through the Council on International Relations, the Civilitas Foundation highlights Armenia’s role and options in global and regional processes and addresses how they affect Armenia and the region. The Foundation contributes to peace and stability in the Caucasus and beyond, guided by the principle of consistent, open and objective discourse, utilizing cultural, educational and political dialogue.

The Development and Democracy Initiative leverages domestic, international and Diaspora resources to affect meaningful change in Armenia. In its support of democratization, the Civilitas Foundation focuses on education and media. In promoting uniform development, the Foundation highlights and concentrates on rural development, environmental awareness and education.

The Foundation engages, supports Democracy and Development, giving context to participatory efforts, and facilitates and maximizes work already underway for deep democratization and just and sustainable development.

The Civilitas Foundation leads to ensure improvement where needed, change when necessary, with dignity always.

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