Cilicia Massacres

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Report on the massacre of Armenians in Cilicia under French administration, March 7, 1920.

The Cilicia Massacres, also known as the massacre of Cilicia, Cilician massacres was the massacre of 30,000 Armenians in Cilicia in 1909.

Many influences [writes an English traveler who had exceptional opportunities for studying the question and who is well disposed towards the Armenians] went to the making of the (Cilician) massacre, some more or less, obscure, as the part taken in planning it by the Turkish Jews of Salonika and others belonging to the deeper causes of faith and race which ever underlie these horrible affairs. But some were local and exhibited the inconceivable unwisdom which Armenians so often display in their larger dealings with Moslems.[1]

Dr. Gabriel says that the Armenian progressive Association was first organized in 1909 after the Young Turks had massacred 30,000 of the Armenians in Cilicia. He says the association attempted in various ways to promote a better understanding between the two races, but feels now that such efforts are useless. Nubar Pasha, who lives in Egypt, according to Dr. Gabriel, was called by the Katholicos once before at the end of the Balkan wars, to strive to arrange with the European powers some agreement concerning the rights of the Armenians.[2]


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