Chambarak Town

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Chambarak (Arm: Ճամբարակ), Gegharkunik Marz

At about 16 km one reaches a fork on the outskirts of Chambarak (6198 p), the left track passing through the administrative center of the former Krasnosyelsk rayon. Chambarak was founded in 1835-40 on the Getik ("little river") by Russian immigrants, with the name Mikhaylovka. In 1920 it became Karmir gyugh ("Red village"), then in 1972 Krasnosyelsk (meaning the same in Russian). This is a border region whose eastern defensive positions are still subject to occasional shelling. At the far end of town (jog right then left in the center), one reaches a crossroads. Turning left to follow the Getik, one sees on the right, five houses before the NW edge of town, the (reportedly still functioning) house museum of the Borian brothers. Armenak, one of the 26 Baku commissars, was shot by Bolshevik-fearing Turkmen in September 1918, while his more successful brother Bagrat, revolutionary, Pravda correspondent, and Central Committee member, met his maker in 1938 after fatally underestimating the role of Russia in his history of Armenian diplomacy. Chambarak also boasts some 13th c. khachkars.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook