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Celio is an international men's clothing retailer based in Saint-Ouen, France. It caters primarily to the Continental European market, aiming to provide fashionable, affordable clothing. Most of Celio's stores are located in shopping centres, with a smaller percentage to be found in the shopping districts of cities and large suburbs. In 2005, the group employed over 1,800 people, with around 1,500 working in stores and the remainder at the group's headquarters and warehouses.


In 1978 two brothers, Marc and Laurent Grosmann opened the first Celio sale point in Paris. That was the starting point for the great history of this international men's clothing retailer brand. In a nutshell, this brand of men's clothing is currently extremely popular throughout the world, including Moldova.

Celio offers sports, casual and business clothing as well as accessories. The basic principles underlying the operation of all Celio stores are: promptness, convenience, comfort and cost-effectiveness.

This international brand has at present a network of above 400 sales points in France and throughout the world. You can find Celio stores in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malta, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Moldova and many other countries.

Celio offers solutions in men's clothing, which are really universal. In one store you will find sports and casual clothing next to elegant business suits, underwear and accessories. All items are perfectly affordable.

Celio Armenia

Tumanyan str. 24 (374-10) 545007 [1]


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