California Courier Online, October 20, 2005

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California Courier Online, October 20, 2005

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California Courier Online, October 20, 2005

1 - Commentary

TIME Prints Full-Page Letter To Rectify Turkish DVD Flap

By Harut Sassounian
Publisher, The Califorrnia Courier

2 - Harvest Gallery Presents expressionist Exhibit on Oct. 21

3- Building a Bridge Between Silicon Valley And the American University of Armenia

4 - Dr. Der Yeghiyan To Speak on Historic Armenia Pilgrimage

5 - Lincy Foundation Donates $10,000 to Glendale Association for the Retarded

6 - Armenian National Peace Officers'Association to Host Gala on Oct. 30

7 - AIWA and AGBU to Honor Cecile Keshishian at Nov. 20 Luncheon

1 - Commentary

TIME Prints Full-Page Letter

To Rectify Turkish DVD Flap

By Harut Sassounian

Publisher, The California Courier

TIME magazine came a step closer this week to properly address a major dispute with Armenians worldwide over its distribution of a Turkish DVD denying the Armenian Genocide.

In its June 6, 2005 issue, the European edition of TIME ran a four-page ad placed by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce promoting tourism in Turkey. As part of that paid ad, the magazine included a DVD insert That had a 70-minute segment that denied and distorted the facts of the Armenian Genocide. This highly offensive material, hidden behind a couple of benign segments on tourism in the DVD, was disseminated to half a million TIME subscribers in a dozen European countries.

Initially, the editors of TIME did not seem to realize the grave error they had committed by becoming accomplices to Turkish denialists. They dismissed Armenian complaints about this hateful and hurtful Turkish DVD by simply stating that TIME did "not endorse the views of any organization or government."

However, when the Switzerland-Armenia Association wrote a letter threatening to sue TIME for violating a Swiss law against the denial of crimes against humanity and genocide, the magazine's managing editor, James Kelly, wrote back stating that no one at TIME had "adequately reviewed" the offensive segment of the Turkish DVD. He apologized profusely and repeatedly to the Armenian community and to all its readers. Mr. Kelly said that the DVD presented a distorted view of history that did not meet the magazine's "standards for fairness and accuracy." He added: "we would not have distributed [the DVD] had we been aware of the content."

The Swiss-Armenian group, however, was not satisfied with this response. They wrote back pointing out that the magazine had not addressed the issue of redressing the damage caused by the malicious Turkish DVD to the descendants of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Meanwhile, five French organizations hired an attorney in order to pursue their legal rights under French laws that call for the protection of "human dignity." Mémoire 2000, the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCOAF), the Armenian National Committee of France (CDCA), J'Accuse, and the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Among Peoples (MRAP) wrote a lengthy joint letter of complaint that was published on a whole page in the October 17 issue of TIME's European edition.

The French organizations requested that TIME distribute free of charge an objective DVD on the Armenian Genocide and donate the income from the Turkish ad to non-profit organizations that advocate the truth about the Armenian Genocide.

In an "Editor's note" published along with the letter, TIME restated the apology that it had expressed earlier to the Switzerland-Armenia Association. The note added that TIME was publishing this letter "pursuant to French law ('droit de réponse')" [right of reply].

The ANC of France (CDCA) stated in a press release that by printing the letter and expressing its apology, TIME had partially acknowledged its error. This right of reply "is the initial result of a common and long-term initiative by the associations fighting against racism, anti-Semitism and for the defense of the memory of the Armenian people" said Harout Mardirossian, Chairman of CDCA. "If TIME magazine thinks that this right of reply settles all accounts, it is sadly mistaken. TIME magazine's response does not redress the terrible suffering of those who saw this sordid tool of denialist propaganda. Taking into account the most heinous content of this DVD, our demands for redress go far beyond this simple right of reply and we intend to attain them," said Mardirossian.

The Chairman of CDCA reiterated the demand of the five organizations for the magazine to disseminate free of charge to its European subscribers an objective DVD on the Armenian Genocide, and to have TIME donate the revenues from the Turkish ad to non-profit organizations that advocate the truth about the Armenian and all other genocides.

By acknowledging its error, apologizing for it and publishing a full-page letter, TIME magazine has begun to take responsibility for the pain and suffering it has caused to Armenians worldwide.

TIME's executives and the representatives of French and Swiss organizations now have to sit down together and consider the proper ways to undo the damage caused by the Turkish DVD. As has been suggested previously, one such way would be for TIME to disseminate to its readers an accurate DVD on the Armenian Genocide. Another possible step would be for the magazine to donate the revenues from the Turkish DVD to non-profit organizations. It would be wrong for TIME to profit from tainted funds belonging to revisionists and denialists of genocide!

2 - Harvest Gallery Presents expressionist Exhibit on Oct. 21

GLENDALE -Harvest Gallery presents expressionism (with a small e), opening on Oct. 21 in Glendale. expressionism (with a small e) features four artists from diverse backgrounds with works expressing their own inner observations. With differing emphasis and styles, each shares infinite perceptions of the world; loss, estrangement, isolation, fear, joy, hope, love and dreams. Vera Arutyunyan attended Yerevan State University, and while her interest in art was always apparent, she became a geologist. However, it was through geology and her love of nature that she returned to art. Vera steeps all of her paintings in exuberant colors and movements. Gregory Brisson is a graduate of St. Cloud University in Minnesota and the San Francisco Art Institute. His work is inspired by historical and religious subjects, and his images often present animals and humans in humorous ways. Greg recently presented his art in a solo show at The Dream Gallery in Los Angeles. Karyn Janowski, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, moved to Los Angeles in 1992. She has worked for numerous private collections and has exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Long Island. Karyn paints in thin layers and often use the sfumato technique of blurring and softening one tone into another. Hrair Simitian has exhibited his paintings throughout the southern California area, as well as in Washington D.C. and Palm Beach, FL. His art is displayed in private collections in Moscow, Paris and Los Angeles. Hrair believes that "art is the soul of life, which gives it color, shape and taste~E."

For general information about the exhibit, call Harvest Gallery at 818.546.1000 or visit

3 - Building a Bridge Between Silicon Valley And the American University of Armenia

OAKLAND, CA - Papken and Claire Der Torossian recently opened their home in Saratoga, Calif., for the American University of Armenia (AUA) to host a unique evening dedicated to promoting cooperation and communication between Silicon Valley executives and the AUA School of Business and Management. Dr. Rubina Ohanian, the Dean of the School of Business and Management, an accomplished marketing solutions specialist with over 15 years of consulting and corporate experience, was among the guests. She gave a brief overview of the MBA program, emphasizing that the School of Business and Management strives to provide its students with quality instruction and a state-of-the-art curriculum to help them achieve their professional goals.

Dr. Ohanian spoke very highly of the MBA students' aptitude and the potential that they have to make a difference to Armenia's future. She invited the Silicon Valley leaders to support the University, get involved in the future of its students. Outsourcing of successful Silicon Valley businesses to Armenia will create job opportunities for our youth. President Haroutune Armenian shared with the guests that AUA is an institution of change and transformation, offering its students quality education, technology and know-how for entrepreneurial endeavors. "As a student-centered university, the top priority is our students, and our most important objectives are maintaining academic excellence, becoming a knowledge enterprise and developing regional role", said Dr. Armenian.

This was an emotional evening for Seta Karamardian, the widow of Stepan Karamardian, who was the founding Dean of the School of Business and Management. "Seeing AUA Business School prosper is the realization of my husband's dream and vision", said Karamardian. Yervant Zorian, Vice President and Chief Scientist at Virage Logic Corporation, also a member of the American University of Armenia Corporation (AUAC) Board of Trustees, highlighted the main purpose of the evening, which is to establish a permanent bridge between the Silicon Valley Armenian Community and AUA, that will be beneficial to both groups over the years to come. "AUA is one of the best fruits that the independence of Armenia resulted in," said Dr. Zorian. "It fully realizes the vision of its three founders and it has been materialized with the great patronage of AGBU". Dr. Zorian told the guests that he has had the chance to witness the growth of AUA at different intervals during the past decade, and has been impressed with the quality of its programs that Virage Logic employees in Armenia were offered as part of their continuing education. Many valuable ideas were exchanged, and pledges for continuous support renewed. This will help the American University of Armenia to improve its entrepreneurship programs to enhance the leadership and organization skills of the students, and to prepare them for active participation in building a brighter future for Armenia.

4 - Dr. Der Yeghiyan To Speak on Historic Armenia Pilgrimage

GLENDALE - Mashdots College President Dr. Garbis Der Yeghiyan, will speak on "Stunning Moments with History: A Pilgrimage to Western Armenia and Cilicia, on Oct. 26, at 7:30 p.m. at the Glendale Church of the Nazarene, 411 E. Acacia Street, in Glendale. A powerpoint presentation will incude more than 400 historic pictures covering the following cities and sites: Moussa Ler, Gorigos, Mersin, Beylan, Kirkkhan, Iskenderoun, Adana, Sis, Anarzapa, Marash, Aintab, Berejik, Urfa, Garmouj, Diyarbekir, Severeg, Kharpert, Mush, Erzurum, Kars, Ani, Pergri, Van, Akhtamar, Mt. Ararat and Bolis. The event is organized by the Glendale Church of the Nazarene. Admission is free.

5 - Lincy Foundation Donates $10,000 to Glendale Association for the Retarded

GLENDALE - Thanks to a donation of $10,000 from the Lincy Foundation, the Glendale Association for the Retarded will continue to provide vocational training and social adjustment for developmentally disabled adults at its work training center. Currently 38 percent of the clients served in the program are immigrant Armenians. "We are deeply grateful to the Lincy Foundation for providing us with continued support," said Carole Jouroyan, Executive Director of the Association. "Gaining independence is a goal we all strive for in life. To accomplish this in America is important for our clients, as well for their families." The Lincy donation will support programs designed to address language, cultural and social needs of the clients. Services include English as a Second Language, academics, social and community skills. The program provides work opportunities to earn money and develop self-esteem. In addition to services, the Association owns and operates three group homes - the Alma House, David Gogian House and Hamilton House. Clients live in Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood, Eagle Rock and La Crescenta.

6 - Armenian National Peace Officers' Association to Host Gala on Oct. 30

BURBANK, Calif. - The Armenian National Peace Officers' Association will host its first Gala Celebration banquet on Oct. 30 at the Western Diocese's Nazareth and Sima Kalaydjian Hall of the Arshag and Eleanor Dickranian Complex, 3325 North Glenoaks Blvd., in Burbank. California State Senator Chuck Poochigian (R-14th District) will be the keynote speaker. Robert Philibosian, former L.A. County District Attorney, will be the Master of Ceremonies. Association President Vahak Mardikian said the members are proud to have two distinguished members of the Armenian-American community participate in their first event. Poochigian has been a dedicated public servant, having served two terms in the State Assembly is presently is in his second term in the State Senate. He has been named "Legislator of the Year" by law enforcement groups and local law enforcement leaders throughout his legislative career. Robert Philibosian was a vigorous prosecutor in the L.A. County D.A.'s Office and served as D.A. from 1983-1984. The Armenian National Peace Officers' Association, established in 2993, is the first Armenian-American law enforcement officers' association in the United States. Its mission is clearly stated in their logo: "Upholding the finest law enforcement traditions in the United States." The association currently has approximately 120 police officers representing 22 different federal state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country. One of the highlights of the banquet will be the presentation of the Hagop

Jake: Kuredjian Scholarship Awards. This scholarship awards program was

created for qualified students in the name of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Kuredjian, who was tragically slain in the line of duty in 2001 while protecting the citizens of Santa Clarita, Calif. Applications for scholarships are accepted from current high school seniors through college seniors of Armenian heritage and cultural background. The scholarships are in keeping with a major objective of the association, to recruit more Armenian Americans into a career in law enforcement and to introduce them to the various types of rewarding positions that exist within a police department. Ten awards of $500 each will be presented at the banquet. For scholarship applications and more information, students should contact: Armenian National Peace Officers' Association, Scholarship Committee/Jake Kuredjian Scholarship, 3436 Foorthill Boulevard, B606, Glendale, Calif. 91214.

7 - AIWA and AGBU to Honor Cecile Keshishian at Nov. 20 Luncheon

LOS ANGELES - The Armenian Women's International Association and the Armenian General Benevolent Union will honor Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient Cecile Keshishian at a gala luncheon, Nov. 20, at 1 p.m., at The Wishire Country Club in Los Angeles. The Ellis Island Award is given to distinguished citizens who have embraced American values and demonstrated service to humanity in any field, profession or occupation, and who have advanced the traditions of their ethnic heritage Keshishian immigrated to the United States from Beirut, Lebanon in 1968 with her husband, Kevork, and two young children, quickly integrating into the mainstream of American society without abandoning her Armenian heritage. Her volunteerism, generosity, determination, optimism and work for the betterment of mankind, has led her to many achievements. She founded the AGBU Girl Scout movement in Lebanon. She, along with her husband, were among the leaders who formed the AGBU "Committee to Aid Armenia," raising thousands of dollars for the 1988 earthquake relief. Keshishian is also a charter member of the Samaritans, a 24-hour teenage suicide prevention hot line still in existence. She was also the President of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Medical Society Auxiliary, which helped provide scholarships for nursing students, raising over $500,000. In addition, she was a board member of the American Children's Theater in New Hampshire. Keshishian was also a delegate to the first world-wide Armenian Women's Convention in Yerevan. She also served as a Armenian Missionary Association of America's Health Committee Delegate to the White House Conference for a Drug-Free America with President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan. Keshishian is also a founding member of the AIWA, 15 years ago. She was the Registration Chair and a member of the Award Committee for the first AIWA International Conference in London. The honoree has requested that the proceeds from the Nov. 2o luncheon be used to benefit AIWA scholarships for the Women's Entrepreneur Project in Yerevan, and also for similar programs in the United States. The Wilshire Country Club is located at 301 North Rossmore Ave., Los Angeles. For more information and reservations, call: Hermine Janoyan (818) 342-4600 or Lily Balian, (310) 472-2454.

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