Bernie Topakyan Albright

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Excerpt from: Jan 13 2005 Washington Post, DC
In These Parts, Republicans Have Company

Among them was Bernie Topakyan Albright, 65, of Adamstown, who voted for Bush because, she said, "I can relate to his faith and religion because I personally feel the same way." As ancient peoples once believed about their kings, she said, "I believe the Lord puts them in and takes them out."

Albright comes from a long line of Republicans. Her grandfather H.H. Topakyan, an ethnic Armenian, served as Persia's ambassador to the United States in the early 1900s. Later, as an American citizen and owner of a New York carpet dealer, he gave a rug to Republican President William Howard Taft that hung for decades in the White House.

Albright and her husband, William, 73, a retired mortgage banker, moved from Silver Spring to Frederick County five years ago in search of a mountain view. They also found a point of view.